About EMETemployment

EMETemployment is a Jewish Community Initiative offered by JVS Toronto, Canada’s foremost not-for-profit on- line website for recruitment. A leader in the industry, combining recruitment philosophy with career and job support services, EMETemployment is a one stop shop for both Employers and Job Seekers alike.


EMETemployment inspired by ParnossahWorks has been successfully running since 2007 working with Employers and Job Seekers benefiting from our on-line job postings, professional recruitment and employment services.


FREE Professional Services for Employers:

  • Use our professional and confidential recruitment services
  • Have your job openings posted on -line
  • Receive pre-screened resumes of job seekers


FREE Professional Services for Job Seekers:

  • Individual employment counselling and job search assistance
  • One-on-one resume preparation and interview coaching
  • Specialized job search training courses

About JVS Toronto

Originally founded by the Jewish community at the end of the Second World War, JVS Toronto is a non-profit organization that partners with both the government and business sectors to help people succeed. Our organization helps people from diverse backgrounds with diverse needs to identify their strengths and goals, develop skills, and achieve success in school, work and life.
Since its inception, JVS Toronto has helped over 500,000 people fulfill their potential. In the past year alone, JVS Toronto served over 23,000 people through a variety of counselling and support programs modeled on best practice approaches.

Our mission is to be an outstanding provider of services for achieving success at school and at work.

JVS Toronto Head Office:
74 Tycos Drive | Toronto, Ontario | M6B 1V9